As I need to free up space I am offering a free copy of Salex Dictionary of Lacemakingt (value £22.50) with orders that include one copy each of ‘All about making – Geometrical Bucks Point Lace’ and ‘All about making – Floral Bucks Point Lace’. 


Every effort is made to return emails within a few days. If you do not receive an expected email please contact me again. 


1. Please email a request with the subject of the email ‘order and your name’ and the following details  to  alexstillwell@talktalk.net . Telephone numbers are required by some carriers. I also accept orders by post, please enclose S.A.E.

  • Your Name:
  • Your Address:
  • Post code/Zip code:
  • Country:
  • Tel:

2  If the book(s) is/are to be sent to an address different from the one above please include a second set of details, including telephone number, for this person. ensure you indicate clearly to which address the books are to be sent. 

3 Add books from the the following list:

  • All about making – Floral Bucks Point Lace   £28.50 
  • All about making – Geometrical Bucks Point Lace   £24.50
  • All about making – Mechlin lace £19.50
  • Drafting Torchon Lace Patterns – £19.50
  • Salex Illustrated  Dictionary of  Lacemaking    £22.50
  • Supplement to Salex Illustrated  Dictionary of  Lacemaking- now avalable to download, find in under tab PDF Help Files. 
  • Instructions in the The Art of making the Buckingham Pillow Lace   £7.50
  • Honiton Stars   £2.00
  • A Honiton Flower    £2.00
  • A Flower in Raised Honiton   £2.00
  • Fuchsia in Honiton Relief   £2.00
  • A Shoal of Fish  £2.00
  • Truing up a Bedfordshire Pricking and Designing a Corner £2.00
  • A Flower in Pink and Purple  £2.00
  • Bucks Point Rose Insertion  £2.00
  • Handkerchief Bonnet no. 1 with Torchon Edging £2.00
  • Handkerchief Bonnet no. 2 with Bucks Point Edging  £2.00
  • Handkerchief Bonnet no. 3 with Bedfordshire Edging  £2.00
  • Flowers in Polychrome Bucks   £2.50
  • Mounting lace £3.50
  • The Techniques used to make Point Ground Lace in the East Midlands (paper)  £7.50
  • Techniques used in the East Midlands to make the Footside of Point Ground Lace (paper) £5.00
  • A study of the techniques used to make Mechlin lace £12.50
  • (The Technique of making Teneriffe Lace is available to download free from the Arizona Free Library, (see ‘Books’ Tab for website.)
  • I will reply by email with cost of postage/carrier. I will quote for UK 2nd class,  airmail for overseas unless otherwise requested

4. I will confirm the order by email attach an invoice 

5.  Arrange payment, preferably by sterling cheque (PGB) or by PayPal, (add £1 handling charge for payPal). Payment is required with order. 

6. Dispatch usually occurs within one week.


1 thought on “Order

  1. Many thanks Alex for your PCF files. I’m struggling to learn how to make lace with a fast speaking French lady. This has been invaluable.

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