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02/07/2020 Bookmark 04 Pricking corrected

25/11/13 05 Bookmark 3, the pricking has been corrected.

I am currently mentoring several lacemakers by email and will be adding the instructions I am preparing for them to this blog. You may download and print out and may pass copies on providing each file is kept complete and unchanged and no charge is made.

Click on the coloured words and a pdf file should open. Please email me (my address is under the ‘Orders’ tab) and let me know whether you are successful or not and add any comments you wish to make.

The first file contains information about equipment and then there is a series of graded projects. There are also files that contain detailed information on specific topics that my have students required more help with. Adults have recently told me they are enjoying learning by working the childrens’ patterns instead of working the cloth stitch and half stitch samples in 01 Basic Stitches. Have fun.

Before you start you need to understand your equipment. Click here 00 Equipment. If you wish to print out prickings you will need to use the A4  paper size setting or the pricking may not be the correct size..

Projects. Click on the coloured title of the project you wish to view.

01 Basic stitches, These techniques can also be covered by working the ‘Fish 1-9′ in the childrens’ section,

02 Torchon ground

03 Bookmark 1

04 Bookmark 2

05 Bookmark 3

06 Small motif

Childrens’ Patterns

Fish 1-9   This set of pages should be printed using the paper size A4 setting and the ‘booklet’ facility of your printer. Even if you use a different sized paper this should give you two pages per side arranged so that you can place the pages on top of each other and fold them in half to make a booklet. If you do not have this facility print two pages per side. The A4 setting is needed so that the prickings will be the correct size. 

Karen’s Star  This pattern requires techniques described in Fish 1-9. My thanks to Karen Thompson for letting me use her pattern which remains her copyright.

Topic files

Hitches with hitches


Dictionary Supplement


8 thoughts on “PDF Help Files

  1. Thank you so very much for all the information. I am just starting to learn bobbin lace and this will come in very handy to understand this new adventure.

  2. Thank you for your patterns. I’m interested in learning bucks point lace. ¿Could you tell me please where could I buy the book ” Floral bucks point lace? Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much. I have spent most of the day trying to do bobbin lace. I just found you and printed your information. Thank you again

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