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Photo by Olivia Ross

Not lace but equally beautiful. One of our young lacemakers, Holly Dale,  is making stunning pictures in sewing machine embroidery. Have a look.Her contact details are

website is hollydaletextilesdesigner.com

business email is hollydaletextilesdesigner@gmail.com

My latest book All about making – Mechlin Lace is now finished and available.

As I need to free up some space I am offering a free Salex Illustrated Dictionary of Lacemaking (worth£22.5.0) with each order that includes both one copy of my ‘All about making – Geometrical Bucks Point Lace’ and ‘All about making – Floral Bucks Point Lace’, see Order tab.

There is a page titled ‘Self-Publishers’ where I will be adding names of other self-publishers so we can develop a network where lacemakers can find self-published books.  Unfortunately I cannot find out how to add a tab for the page, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was born in Essex where I lived until 1990 when I moved to West Sussex, where I still live to-day with my husband. I have two children and four grand children.

As an only child I was encouraged to develop an enquiring and independent mind. My parents were always ready to discuss any subject with me and taught me how to find answers to my questions. I qualified as a maths and science teacher specialising in physics and taught ages 11 to 18 years at St Edwards C of E Comprehensive school from 1963 – 1967, when I left to have the first of my two children.

A girls hobby book, which I purchased in a street market contained a section on lace making. This was to change my life. By 1973 I had taught myself enough about the subject to start teaching lace making for the Essex Handicraft Association and I progressed in leaps and bounds. As well as running my own lace making classes, I have also taught for several adult education centres, including Eastbourne College of Arts and Technology, Chelmsford Adult Education Authority and also for West Dean and Knuston Hall Residential Colleges. I also taught two classes of of the City and Guilds Lace Making   Pilot Scheme.

I have demonstrated lace making and exhibited my lace in the USA, Tenerife, France and Northern Ireland as well as here.and taught courses at the USA and Australian Conventions,  I was a section winner in the Lace Guild International Exhibition in 1995 and won the medal at the Sansepulcro International Exhibition 1996. 

Quite early on I discovered there were few practical books on lace making, so I started writing, and to date have published nine books, two papers and 13 booklets.

As well as lace making, I enjoy dancing and as an accredited Round Dance cuer and teacher and have travelled across Europe, USA and Canada in that capacity.